MJR Digital Cinemas | Premier Rewards - Vista Upgrade Information

Premier Rewards - Vista Upgrade Information

 We are updating our software to provide an even better experience for all of our MJR Premier Rewards Members. Certain features of the program will be limited while we perform these updates. We appreciate your patience as we work on making it "More Fun at MJR!"


SIGNING IN *Registered Members Only


USERNAME: Email Address


PASSWORD: Last Name (first letter capitalized) or whatever you changed your password after signing into the new MJR Mobile App. 

 *Password can be changed on the app in the Menu section at the bottom right (i)


SIGNED-UP AFTER 3/21/2019?

    If you signed up after 3/21/2019 on the MJR app, you are all set and you created your username and password already! If you signed up at the box office, you will have the option of making a Username and Password by signing into your account on the website (this option will become available after 5/8/2019). You can also call any MJR Theatre and a Manager can give you a temporary Username and Password.




  1. The MJR Premier Rewards Loyalty Portal Page will be back online after May 8th, 2019 and will reflect usage for all upgrades sites.
  2. Do not update your profile information on the old MJR Theatres mobile app. Those changes will not be reflected in the new system that we are currently migrating to. 




  1. Card-less Rewards and Redemption - Members will no longer need to carry around their MJR Premier Rewards card to earn points or spend rewards.   *Registration required.
  2. Username & Password Support - Sign into your account using a Username and Password. Password reset will also be available soon.
  3.  Improved Online Experience - Features Include: Voucher Redemption, improved Processing Speeds, and Bug Fixes.
  4.  New MJR App - We are launching a brand-new MJR Mobile App - Supports Username and Password login for Premier Reward Members, Improved Account Management, Improved Processing Speed, and Bug Fixes.