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Patton Poster

Patton is a riveting portrait of one of the 20th century's greatest military geniuses. One of it's Oscars went to George Patton, the only Allied general truly feared by the Nazis. Charismatic and Flamboyant, Patton designed his own uniforms, sported ivory-handled six-shooters, and believed he was a warrior in past lives. He outmanuevered Rommel in Africa, and after D-Day led his troops in an unstoppable campaign across Europe. But he was rebellious as well insight and poignancy, his own volatile personailty was one enemy he could never defeat.


Drama / War

2 hr 50 min

Opened April, 2nd 1970



George C. Scott
Karl Malden
Stephen Young
Michael Strong


Franklin J. Schaffner


Ladislas Farago, Omar N. Bradley